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Corporate Dinner & Dance

Why are corporate dance and dinner events so important?

When most companies make a decision to cut down costs, it is common for a few annual events to be among the first items to be eliminated from the budget. However, it is important to know that these events offer much more than just a chance for members of staff to gather.

Here are some of the reasons why an annual corporate dinner and dance event is so important:

They help boost company culture

It is an established fact that when a company keeps its employees engaged, they are able to produce more. The dinner and dance event or any other event presents an ideal opportunity for your company to highlight its culture and core values. No one wants to work for a company where they don’t feel engaged.

Employee validation

Corporate events are very effective when it comes to validating your employees and showing your appreciation for their efforts. When you create a habit of always celebrating success, employees will reciprocate by putting their best foot forward. Company events offer perfect opportunities to celebrate the company, individual employees and teams.

Increased employee engagement

When you keep your employees engaged, you make it easier for them to buy into the company’s culture. Unengaged employees will not put any real effort into their day-to-day roles at the workplace. They will only show up just because they need the paycheck. That is why corporate events should be part of the company strategy to improve employee engagement.

Connect employees and leadership

In most workplaces, you are likely to find a considerable gap between employees and the top leadership. An annual dinner and dance corporate event provides a great opportunity for employees to connect with their bosses in a setting that is much more relaxed than the formal office environment. That is why employees will always be excited at the prospect of any corporate event because it is one of the few times they get to interact with their leaders in a casual environment.

The importance of a corporate dinner and dance event cannot be overstated. It is an event that can have a bearing on your company’s bottom line. Get Out Events is an event company in Singapore that has organized a wide variety of corporate events, including dinner and dance events, for many of the leading companies.

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Client Testimonials

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Annual Dinner And Dance Proposal

At Get Out! Events, we have a dedicated team that relishes any opportunity to organize such events. We have a proven track record of helping corporate organizations in Singapore and beyond execute every step of the process of planning the most memorable corporate annual dinner and dance events. As you can see on, our packages are incomparable with what everyone else is offering out there.

If you are planning on going about the entire process on your own, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Of course, every situation is different and what works for your organization may not necessarily work for another. It’s all about finding what works best for you.

Here are some tips to help you organize an annual corporate dinner and dance event:

Have a clear event outline

This is where you set your goals for the event and how everyone involved can help make it a success. Your outline will guide you through the entire planning and executing process, from your budget to choice of venue to approach and so on. It is very important that the overall goal of the event is aligned to your overall corporate goals. This is the best way to keep everyone involved on the same page.

Choose a venue

The venue is an integral part of the planning process. That is why it is so important that you take the time to conduct thorough research in order to find the best one. The assumption should be that everyone who is invited will be in attendance. You also need to make a provision for meal providers and entertainment. Make sure that the environment is stylish and that there is enough space for people to be able to socialize freely.

Incorporate a fun theme

This will help keep participants excited and engaged throughout the entire event. In fact, you can involve them in the brainstorming stage to hear their views and get some valuable ideas on the most appropriate theme for the occasion. In addition to boosting the excitement, having the right theme makes everything feel more cohesive.

Find immersive activities to keep participants engaged

This is where you really have to be creative. You don’t want an event where participants are mostly seated and not interacting with one another. That is why it is important to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels like they are part and parcel of the event. This adds to the overall excitement throughout the duration of the event.

Food and drink preparations

Since it’s a dinner and dance event, it’s obvious that food will be a big part of everything. This is where you want to make a special impression on every attendee. Identify the best catering services or restaurants out there and contact a few of them to see if their packages can accommodate all your guests. Whatever the nature of the event, it’s always good to have a menu that is as diverse as possible. Of course, everything should fit within your set budget.

Book entertainment

A dinner and dance corporate event cannot be complete without the appropriate entertainment. An event company in Singapore would have a comprehensive list of all the best entertainment providers. But since you are handling this by yourself, all you need to do is contact a few providers and see what they have to offer. You may also want to seek some advice from others who have successfully held similar events.

Value-Added Dinner and Dance Services

The services we offer even before you engage our team for your corporate annual dinner and dance, is unheard of in the industry. We assign professional and dedicated event planners and 3D designers to map out your entire event so it helps you visualise better! Our turnaround time is industry-leading because we invest in a team of full-time, in-house designers and planners.

Annual Dinner and Dance 8
3D Stage and Backdrop design
Annual Dinner and Dance 9
Detailed Event Mapping & Layout Design
Annual Dinner and Dance 10
Space Planning & Visualisation
Annual Dinner and Dance 11
Space Planning & Visualisation

Dinner And Dance Emcee Singapore

Picking the right event company for your upcoming dinner and dance event will make or break it – so pick carefully! While most organising committees tend to pick their event host based on past years’ experiences, it is also important to consider that the events industry changes at the speed of light. New emcees enter the scene, older emcees retire or change their careers and existing emcees change their hosting style. Here are some tips to consider when picking your next dinner and dance emcee.

Consider Your Audience

Is your audience evenly split between male and female? Do you have a wide age group range or is one age group more heavily represented than another? Are they comfortable with the event emcee hosting in English, or would they prefer the event hosted in a different language? Keep all of these in mind and book the best D&D emcee for them – not just because your boss is a fan! It would also be wise to consider the size of your group. Some emcees feel more comfortable hosting smaller groups of < 500 pax, while other emcees require a larger group size to make their magic happen on stage.

Seek Advice And Suggestions From A Trusted Event Organiser

Being famous or popular doesn’t make an emcee the best one for your event. Get some testimonials from those in the industry to ensure your event emcee meets all your expectations. It also doesn’t hurt to speak to your friends in other companies who have recently done their D&D to get some new ideas on picking event emcees.

Consider Your Relationship With The Emcee

Most event emcees in Singapore are independent, which means they tend to work with the clients whom they feel most comfortable with. It is important to build a relationship with your event emcee before engaging him/her, so both parties understand each other’s expectations better before your dinner and dance.

Emcee Style

Are you looking for more stage games, or a more formal event? All professional emcees in Singapore have their unique hosting style. Some are more ‘playful’ and offer more stage games than others. When reviewing these stage games, it is also important to let your chosen emcee know your audience’s level of comfort based on your past experiences. Will your colleagues be willing to go up on stage when it’s game time, or will most of them pretend to take an ‘extra’ toilet break to avoid being called up on stage? Do you have conservative bosses who frown at ‘dirty’ jokes or would they understand it’s a night out for everyone to let their hair down? Ask your emcee to give some examples of stage games that they will play, and share with them your concerns if you have any before your event.

Don’t Go For The Biggest Name

One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen clients make is they simply hire the most popular emcee they can get their hands on without considering any of the points above. Just because an emcee is famous doesn’t mean they are suitable for your event. Always remember, all events are different and a host that works for one event may not work for yours. It is very risky to simply pick and emcee because “my friends say he’s good” or “he’s super popular” because his style may not work for your audience and event requirements.

3 Ideas for your 2019 Annual Dinner & Dance

Why wait for a proposal when all you need is a idea? 

We’ve come up with 3 new themes for 2019, and in the spirit of transparency we are sharing these 3 themes with you here. On this page you will find three dinner and dance themes, alongside three very suitable dinner and dance venues for your annual corporate dinner in 2019. This page is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Theme Selection


Coachella is an annual music and arts festival features musical artists from many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, as well as art installations and sculptures.

Key Features

  • “Arty – farty”
  • Festival feel
  • Artistic shows
  • Drama and skits
  • Art installations

The World of Magic

Potter fanatics rejoice! The World of Magic theme models itself after Harry Potter’s magical world. This highly interactive theme features magical shows, quidditch games, and wizard wand fights. 

Key Features

  • Highly thematic experience
  • Re-live your Potter dreams
  • Be entertained by stage performers
  • Start believing in magic!
  • Hands on magical activities


Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival, and is widely described the event as “the most elaborate festival on earth”. Featuring the best EDM music, this theme is sure to ignite the party in you!

Key Features

  • High energy
  • Festival feel
  • Impactful stage entertainment
  • Live DJs spinning on stage
  • Party like there’s no tomorrow

Venue Selection

Pick from one of these 3 amazing venues

Annual Dinner and Dance 12

Resorts World Sentosa

  • High ceiling
  • Large ballroom
  • Large atrium
  • Service staff has experience servicing large scale events
  • Positive food quality review
  • Sales team slightly more flexible than usual
  • Slightly cheaper than Marina Bay Sands
  • Recommended by Get Out! Events
Annual Dinner and Dance 13

Marina Bay Sands

  • High ceiling
  • Large ballroom
  • Large atrium
  • Service staff has experience servicing large scale events
  • Central location
  • Neutral food quality review
  • Sales team not too flexible with client requests
Annual Dinner and Dance 14

Ritz Carlton Singapore

  • Central location
  • Newly renovated Grand ballroom
  • Positive food quality review
  • Ballroom is significantly smaller than the other venues
  • About 20% more expensive than the other venues

Door Gifts

Pick one or mix it up!

Annual Dinner and Dance 15
Anti Theft Hard Shell Backpack
Annual Dinner and Dance 16
Baseus Bluetooth Headphones
Annual Dinner and Dance 17
Waterproof Fingerprint Padlock
Annual Dinner and Dance 18
Portable Powerful Blender
Annual Dinner and Dance 19
Silent USB Powered Mosquito Lamp
Annual Dinner and Dance 20
Allpowers Foldable Solar Charger


Activities to entertain your guests before dinner starts


The World of Magic


Annual Dinner and Dance 21
Annual Dinner and Dance 22
Annual Dinner and Dance 23
Annual Dinner and Dance 24
Annual Dinner and Dance 25
Annual Dinner and Dance 26
Annual Dinner and Dance 27
Annual Dinner and Dance 28
Annual Dinner and Dance 29

Opening Act

Decide how you want your evening to start


The World of Magic



Six.5 (Six-point-five), the Urban Dance Company of O School, seeks to reframe public spaces with their “Elements” act where they perform urban dance while incorporating the elements of Air, Earth and Water.

Annual Dinner and Dance 30

Digital iPad Magic

TK is an award-winning modern magician in Singapore, having recently received the Golden Buzzer at Asia’s Got Talent. TK performs visual magic and aims to entertain with his modern approach to magic.

Annual Dinner and Dance 31

Light Civilisation

Humanity was thought to be the only civilisation on planet Earth—until
humans chanced upon a “lost” civilisation. Who will prevail in this futuristic dance for survival and supremacy?

Annual Dinner and Dance 32

Event Hosts / Emcees

Fantastic annual dinner emcees for your event

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Sylvia Tham

Sylvia began hosting events close to 20 years ago. She is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin. Whether it is a formal corporate dinner, weddings, voice over recordings or exciting and interactive roadshow, you can rest assured your event is in good hands. 

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Wayne Chan

With his experience as a Broadcast Presenter with Channel NewsAsia and 93.8 Live, coupled with his expertise as a PR Practitioner and Events Manager, Wayne Chan is an ideal choice to host your event. 

Main Performance

World-class stage entertainment


The World of Magic


Aaron Impossible

Aaron combines dare-devil rope walking, charming audience interaction, expert fire / knife juggling and sharp witted comedy. All presented in an hilarious parody of Mission Impossible and set to a dramatic soundtrack. 

Annual Dinner and Dance 33

Artful Deception

Our illusion show comprises of incredible elements of LED/ UV lights, classic illusions and new illusions performed by Adeline Ng and her assistant. Watch as Adeline dazzles the crowd with visual illusions!

Annual Dinner and Dance 34

LED Drummer

The LED drum show is primarily a one-man performance with a talented LED drummer playing to high energy backing tracks. These range from pumping electronic dance anthems to classic pop hits.

Annual Dinner and Dance 35

Closing Performance

Ending the evening with a blast


The World of Magic


Lady Aga Aga

A household name with her portrayal of loud-mouthed shrews and uncouth “Ah Lians” on Comedy Nite. Former MediaCorp celebrity, Patricia Mok is back to tickle your audience with her rip-roaring, hilarious brand of comedy in a brand new half-hour showtime!

Annual Dinner and Dance 36


On stage or close-up, Tom DeVoe will read your guests minds, predict and control their thoughts – in a show seen around the world and on the biggest TV and media in Asia. Hired by companies from HSBC and Netflix, Tom DeVoe will amaze all!

Annual Dinner and Dance 37

DJ Jade Rasif

Jade is best known for playing Sheila Oh on Tanglin, from seasons 1 to 3, and for placing first runner-up in New Paper New Face 2013. Jade Rasif has performed in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. She is currently the highest paid DJ in Singapore as of 2017

Annual Dinner and Dance 38

Estimated Price

All-inclusive price estimates subject to availability

Ritz Carlton

Estimated cost for 500 pax
$ 500 per pax
  • Venue, Food and Beverages
  • Entertainment and Performance
  • Event Logistics
  • Photography & Videography
  • Door Gifts
  • Lucky Draw
  • Event Management

Resorts World

Estimated cost for 500 pax​
$ 450 per pax
  • Venue, Food and Beverages
  • Entertainment and Performance
  • Event Logistics
  • Photography & Videography
  • Door Gifts
  • Lucky Draw
  • Event Management


Estimated cost for 500 pax​
$ 480 per pax
  • Venue, Food and Beverages
  • Entertainment and Performance
  • Event Logistics
  • Photography & Videography
  • Door Gifts
  • Lucky Draw
  • Event Management

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