Annual Dinner and Dance Singapore

Corporate Dinner and Dance - Annual Dinner

Make your most important evening a memorable one!

Our dinner and dance package offers a different experience from the rest.

With entertaining emcees, engaging stage games and amazing entertainment, a Get Out! dinner and dance event will constantly engage and entertain your guests! We have designed our basic package to include all you need to run a successful and fun family day for your company, and if you ever need us to go a little further with the event simply take a look at our optional top-ups.

If you are looking for a holistic dinner and dance package that is exactly what you’ll get from us!

Our Package Includes
  • Event logistics and manpower
  • Pre-dinner games
  • Photo booth
  • Event emcee and stage games
  • Stage entertainment
Optional Top-Ups
  • Venue booking fee
  • Invitation cards
  • Door gifts
  • Games prizes
  • Alcoholic beverages

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Dinner and Dance Emcee Singapore

Picking the right event company for your upcoming dinner and dance event will make or break it – so pick carefully! While most organising committees tend to pick their event host based on past years’ experiences, it is also important to consider that the events industry changes at the speed of light. New emcees enter the scene, older emcees retire or change their careers and existing emcees change their hosting style. Here are some tips to consider when picking your next dinner and dance emcee.

Consider your audience

Is your audience evenly split between male and female? Do you have a wide age group range or is one age group more heavily represented than another? Are they comfortable with the event emcee hosting in English, or would they prefer the event hosted in a different language? Keep all of these in mind and book the best D&D emcee for them – not just because your boss is a fan! It would also be wise to consider the size of your group. Some emcees feel more comfortable hosting smaller groups of < 500 pax, while other emcees require a larger group size to make their magic happen on stage.

Seek advice and suggestions from a trusted event organiser

Being famous or popular doesn’t make an emcee the best one for your event. Get some testimonials from those in the industry to ensure your event emcee meets all your expectations. It also doesn’t hurt to speak to your friends in other companies who have recently done their D&D to get some new ideas on picking event emcees.

Consider your relationship with the emcee

Most event emcees in Singapore are independent, which means they tend to work with the clients whom they feel most comfortable with. It is important to build a relationship with your event emcee before engaging him/her, so both parties understand each other’s expectations better before your dinner and dance.

Emcee style

Are you looking for more stage games, or a more formal event? All professional emcees in Singapore have their unique hosting style. Some are more ‘playful’ and offer more stage games than others. When reviewing these stage games, it is also important to let your chosen emcee know your audience’s level of comfort based on your past experiences. Will your colleagues be willing to go up on stage when it’s game time, or will most of them pretend to take an ‘extra’ toilet break to avoid being called up on stage? Do you have conservative bosses who frown at ‘dirty’ jokes or would they understand it’s a night out for everyone to let their hair down? Ask your emcee to give some examples of stage games that they will play, and share with them your concerns if you have any before your event.

Don't go for the biggest name

One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen clients make is they simply hire the most popular emcee they can get their hands on without considering any of the points above. Just because an emcee is famous doesn’t mean they are suitable for your event. Always remember, all events are different and a host that works for one event may not work for yours. It is very risky to simply pick and emcee because “my friends say he’s good” or “he’s super popular” because his style may not work for your audience and event requirements.

Event Emcees

Once you’ve considered the tips above, pick from our carefully curated list of event emcees below to learn more about their hosting style!

Dinner and Dance 3

James Yang

James is an experienced stage master who is talented, versatile and effectively bilingual. He has worked with Jackie Chan and Carrie Underwood, as well as clients ranging from the entertainment industry both local & international to top brass in the military & renowned politicians.

James, with a cheerful and energetic personality has never failed to capture the attention from both the young and the old, has many experiences hosting all sorts of events such as Dinner and Dance; Launches, and formal ceremonies. He is also the choice emcee for all of Mcdonald’s Events, Malaysia Super League & S. League Matches.

Dinner and Dance 4

Arabelle Chia (Ling Ling)

Effectively Bilingual, elegant and eloquent in presentation, speech and mannerism, Ling Ling is an extremely experienced emcee.

She has hosted events of every scale varying from corporate functions, conferences and seminars, exhibitions, forums, roadshows, product launches, media events, opening and ground breaking ceremonies, major public and sporting events such as marathons, walks for charity, golf tournaments and lifestyle shows. Ling Ling’s affable personality allows her to engage different audience effortlessly with games and activities made interesting in her own creative fashion. Spontaneous, sharp and with an acute sense of humour, she is definitely the mind-blowing factor to a successful event!

Her strong rapport with clients who cannot get enough of her are testimonies to her professional capacity as an established Master-of-Ceremonies.

Dinner and Dance 5

Wayne Chua

One of the most sought after bilingual Corporate Emcee, known for his young looks and energetic performance on stage.

With years of experience under his belt and having the ability to orchestrate the occasion in an exemplary fashion.

Wayne has hosted shows with International Guest Appearances such as Hong Kong Artistes Myolie Wu, Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, right to Singapore Artistes such as Diana Ser, Andrea De Cruz, Joi Chua, Adrian Pang, Rebecca Lim and co-hosted shows with numerous female artistes such as Quan Yi Fong & 97.2 FM just to name a few.

He understands the importance of transitions and has an eye for details as well as management skills to ensure in keeping the program in time. Smooth executions that are succinct, works in everyone’s favour to the advantage of the evening. Being a corporate emcee, Wayne has distinct skills as he is able to set tone for the entire event with singing, dancing with a dose of creativity. Being the “Fun-One”, he is the glue holding the event together.

Dinner and Dance 6

Sylvia Tham

Sylvia began hosting events close to 20 years ago. She is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin. She is also being described as one of the best and fluent Cantonese emcee. Watch her switch with ease and deliver stage presence fluently and effectively between three different languages.

Armed with an Honours degree, Sylvia is full of energy and professionalism. She is eloquent, witty and classy. Aside from her talent in Emceeing, Sylvia is also an accomplished singer, having won many singing competitions, making her an all-rounded entertainer too. The combination of her personality and her presence of mind on stage ensures that the events she hosts not only run like clockwork, but are also memorable. With her radio DJ experience, it adds another dimension to her skills as an emcee. She is able to use her distinctive radio voice to connect with every target audience, making every word and message count. Sylvia work closely with every event partner/client and is always mindful of putting the client best interests first.

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Stage Games for Dinner and Dance

It is not always easy to understand an emcee when they try to share with you some stage game for your dinner and dance. Below are some videos that we’ve found on YouTube that shows some pretty fun and interesting stage games that you can take as a reference. Please note that we do not own these videos and have not produced any of these events unless otherwise stated. If you like the style of games played by a specific event emcee host, click on the YouTube video and contact that emcee directly!

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